Documents Required

  • Mandatory documents for an OCI Application
  • Documents required for Applicants born In India
  • Other necessary documents of Indian origin
  • Documents required for Applicants born in India / Abroad and applying on the basis of Parents / Grandparents / Spouse
  • OCI Applications for minor children
  • Important Information for all OCI Applicants
  • Nativity Certificate
  • Refund Process for applicant not eligible for OCI

Important note for all OCI Applicants (Mandatory): Applicants are required to submit the originals along with a set of photocopies of the originals, both sets of documents need to be submitted at the counter. Originals will be returned once the High Commission of India and its respective Consulates are satisfied with the documents provided. All photocopies need to be self-attested.

Mandatory Documents For An OCI Application

  • Printed Application form: All applicants need to fill the online application form on the website.
  • Printed & signed copy of the declaration form (to be attached with each application).
  • 2 photographs as per the photo specifications.
  • Foreign Passport Copy.
  • Copy of Naturalization Certificate, if applicable(Applicants, who have obtained Foreign Nationality by Naturalization, are required to submit Naturalization Certificate (Original) along with the copy).
  • All applicants are required to submit the originals along with the copy of the Proof of Indian Origin documents as per the below list In addition to the above documents the below additional documents will be required as per the cases advised.

Documents Required For Applicants born In India

  • Applicants are mandatorily required to submit Surrender Certificate of Indian Passport (original).
  • The Indian Citizenship Act, 1955, does not allow dual citizenship. Holding Indian Passport / acquiring Indian Passport / travelling on Indian passport after acquisition of foreign citizenship constitutes an offence under the Indian Passport Act, 1967, and attracts penalties. Under the Indian law, Persons of Indian Origin who have acquired foreign Nationality are required to Surrender their Indian passports to the nearest Indian Mission / Post immediately after acquisition of foreign citizenship on order to obtain Surrender Certificate.
  • Applicants who have obtained foreign nationality after May 2010 need to submit original Surrender Certificate compulsory, however If applicants are unable to provide surrender certificate due to loss of passport will be required to submit the Renunciation of Indian Citizenship Certificate.
  • Applicants who have held an Indian passport, and obtained foreign nationality before May 2010, but are unable to produce the same for Surrender of Indian passport  for any reason (lost / misplaced / submitted to UK Home Office long time back) are required to furnish a notarized affidavit in original from UK stating the facts about their Indian passports along with other necessary documents as mentioned below.
  • Applicants who were born in India and never held Indian passport, and traveled on parent’s Indian Passports, are required to submit a notary affidavit in original from UK stating the fact and how they traveled to UK along with other necessary documents as mentioned below.

Other Necessary Documents Of Indian Origin (Any One from below)

  • Domicile certificate (in original)
  • Original Birth Certificate issued from Indian Municipality or Panchayat : Recently issued birth Certificate (Post-dated birth certificates) from Municipality / Panchayat etc. This should be duly certified by the District Magistrate / District Collector of the area, with name, stamp, seal and contact telephone numbers with area code for verification.
  • School Leaving Certificate (in original) :  Post-dated School Certificate / School Leaving Certificate from India should be authenticated by Director of Education / District Magistrate / District Collector of the area with name, stamp, seal and contact telephone numbers with area code for verification.
  • Agriculture land documents.

Documents Required For Applicants Born In India / Abroad And Applying On The Basis Of Parents / Grandparents / Spouse

Applicant who are born in India / Abroad and wish to apply on the basis of their parents / grandparents / spouse Indian origin must furnish the below documents :

  • A photocopy and the original of the applicant’s  full version birth certificate and marriage certificate along with the Indian origin proof of their parents / grandparents / spouse must be furnished by the applicants to prove their link with them. For any other foreign-born applicant Birth Certificate must be in full version and it has to be translated in hindi / english by a reputed and registered translation authority.
  • Applicants applying on the basis of parents needs to submit his / her full version Birth certificate with both the parent’s details on it, along with parent’s proof of Indian Origin.
  • Applicants applying on the basis of Grandparents are required to furnish:
    • Applicant’s full version Birth Certificate
    • Applicant’s Parent’s full version Birth Certificate
    • And Grandparent’s proof of Indian Origin
  • Applicants applying on the  basis of Spouse needs to submit their registered marriage and Birth certificate with along with spouse’s proof of Indian Origin.
  • Copy of Indian Passport or copy of Indian Empire passport (stating the status of holder “Indian by birth” or “British protected person native of Indian state”). Please note that the Indian empire passport stating the status ‘British Subject’ is not accepted for OCI.


  • Indian Birth Certificate / Education Certificate (If post-dated, the signature of the issuing authority should be verified by District Magistrate / Deputy Collector of the same district(in original).


  • Domicile Certificate of the applicant or of his / her parents / grandparents issued from concerned Competent Authority in India i.e. District Magistrate / Collectors / Sub Divisional Magistrate may also be accepted as a proof of Indian Origin(in original).



  • Agriculture land documents OR Nativity Certificate (in original) : If the applicant is unable to produce any documentary proof of parents / grandparents or self. He / She must submit the Nativity Certificate in the prescribed format as per link below. The Nativity Certificate should be certified by the District Magistrate / District Collector of the area with name, stamp, seal and contact telephone numbers with area code for verification.
  • Please note that if the applicant was born in India and is submitting a nativity certificate, then he / she needs to submit a notarized affidavit from UK stating the fact about his/her Indian passport and how he / she traveled to UK.
  • Applicants applying on the basis of spouse need to submit registered marriage certificate. Marriage should have been registered and subsisted for a continuous period of not less than 2 years immediately preceding the presentation of the application.

Applications For Minor Children

  • Marriage Certificate (original and copy) of the parents is mandatory for all minors, along with the full version birth certificate of the child (original and copy).
  • In addition to the above documents – For minors both the parents needs to self-attest all the photocopies along with parent’s passport photocopies. In case if the parents are holding Indian passport then photocopies of the Bio Page (photo page), last page with the address & UK visa page should also be provided.
  • Minor children holding foreign nationality and whose both parents are citizens of India or one of the parents is a citizen of India or both or one parents are OCI card holder, are eligible for OCI Card.

Important Information For All OCI Applicants

  • Signatures should be in the box provided. In case of minor applicant, his / her thumb impression (left hand thumb) or signature (if minor can sign, signature is mandatory) of the minor applicant should be provided in BOX and on the second page of application form (signature of the applicant section).
  • An OCI card holder is not entitled to undertake any missionary, mountaineering and research work in India. They need prior approval from Ministry of Home Affairs in India before undertaking such activities.
  • Non-UK passport holder should give residential address in respective country. The processing time is longer for such cases.
  • Minor foreigners born out of live-in relationships, step & adopted children are not eligible for OCI. However an adopted child who has had an Indian passport in the past and can produce a surrender certificate for the same, is eligible to apply for an OCI, all other documents advised above for minors will be required in addition to the Surrender Certificate and the Indian Passport. All cases will be put under review and a final decision will be made by the competent authorities. For any unsuccessful applications the refund policy will apply.
  • In case of minor children, both the parents need to be signed in part ‘B’ or parent’s consent letter is mandatory (if divorced) or court order having custody of children.
  • Applicant whose birth certificate mentions about only one parent and nationality and other parent is not known, is not eligible for OCI Card.
  • British Overseas Citizens, Asylees or Stateless applicants are not eligible for OCI.
  • Foreign Defense / Military / Civil Servants / Police / ex-Defense personnel / persons working with security agencies and their family members are not eligible to apply for OCI. The above implies that the personnel of Home Office as well as of Mod. In addition, foreign diplomats are also not eligible.
  • If the OCI card holder acquires nationality of a different country after obtaining the OCI card, except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh, he / she shall also be allowed to enter/exit India on the strength of his / her new passport of the recently acquired nationality and OCI Registration Certificate (OCI card).
  • Entry on the Diplomatic / Official passport shall not be granted on the basis of OCI / PIO cards as OCI / PIO cards are not issued to the foreign diplomats and their family members. However, if he / she holds valid ordinary passport with valid OCI / PIO cards, entry can be allowed.
  • Applicants applying on the basis of spouse need to submit registered marriage certificate Marriage should have been registered and subsisted for a continuous period of not less than 2 years immediately preceding the presentation of the application.

OCI / Indian Visa Document Require





Photo Specification



Photographs should be in colour and strictly as per the specifications below.

  • Un-mounted – 2 inch x 2 inch in size.
  • Face should cover about 70 to 80% of the photo area.
  • Frame Subject with full Face, front view, eyes open.
  • Taken within the last 6 months to reflect your current appearance.
  • The photographs must be clear, well defined and taken against a light-coloured coloured background.
  • Appropriate brightness and contrast showing your skin tones naturally.
  • Even lighting (no shadows across or behind the face).
  • Face must be square to the camera with a neutral expression, neither frowning nor smiling and with your mouth closed.
  • If you must wear a head covering for religious reasons, make sure your full facial features are not obscured.
  • Non-tinted prescription glasses are allowed as long as your eyes are clearly visible. Make sure that the frame does not cover any part of your eyes. Sunglasses are not acceptable.
  • Headphones, wireless hands-free devices, or similar items are not acceptable in your photo.
  • Photograph for Child / babies – The photograph should show the baby or child awake, looking straight at the camera with mouth closed and nothing covering the mouth. It should also show both edges of the face clearly (no toys, blankets, chair backs or other people visible) and no hair across the eyes.

Nativity Certificate

free-copywriting-swipe-file-pdf-download     Application For Nativity Certificate