Important note for all OCI Applicants (Mandatory): Applicants are required to submit the originals along with a set of photocopies of the originals, both sets of documents need to be submitted at the counter. Originals will be returned once the High Commission of India and its respective Consulates are satisfied with the documents provided. All photocopies need to be self-attested.

“The last date for submission of applications for registration as OCI cardholder by the erstwhile PIO cardholders has been extended till 30 June 2016.”  One can apply for OCI card in lieu of valid PIO card free of any charges. However the applicant will have to pay the service charges for the outsourcing agency as well as postal charges.

OCI card is a smart card which will facilitate quicker immigration clearance at the ICPs and also for obtaining various Consular services from the Indian Missions. Further, for those residing in India, it will facilitate in availing various services in India.

The applicants may submit the applications for OCI card in lieu of PIO card to the Indian Mission / FRRO concerned within the jurisdiction of his / her place of residence. This is in modification of the earlier instructions that they should apply only at the location where the PIO card was issued.

Existing PIO cards are valid for travel to India and are valid for life. An endorsement to this effect could be made in the existing PIO cards at the first immigration point of India with which the card holder comes into contact, be it at High Commission of India or an immigration check-point in India (It is not mandatory to have this endorsement).

  • Printed Application form for OCI in lieu of PIO service: All applicants need to fill the online application form on the website.
  • 2 photographs as per the photo specifications.
  • Current foreign passport.
  • Photocopy of the current foreign passport.
  • Old foreign passport (which has been endorsed on the PIO).
  • Copy of the old foreign passport (which has been endorsed on the PIO).
  • PIO card.
  • Copy of PIO card (All Pages).
  • Applicants holding a PIO card, obtained on the basis of their spouse’s Indian Origin proof, need to provide a letter of authorisation / consent of the spouse (of Indian origin) for OCI application, with copy of Marriage Certificate & Copy of spouse’s current valid passport The letter needs to be addressed to the High Commission of India or to its respective Consulates in Birmingham or Edinburgh.

The Government of India has announced vide Gazette Notification No.26011/01/2014IC.I dated 09 January 2015, all PIO cards issued till 09 January 2015 are deemed to be OCI card. As such the PIO Card scheme has been withdrawn henceforth, applicants may apply for OCI card ONLY, as PIO card scheme is no longer in existence.

Important Information for all OCI Applicants

  • Signatures should be in the box provided. In case of minor applicant, his / her thumb impression (left hand thumb) or signature (if minor can sign, signature is mandatory) of the minor applicant should be provided in BOX.
  • An OCI card holder is not entitled to undertake any missionary, mountaineering and research work in India. They need prior approval from Ministry of Home Affairs in India before undertaking such activities.
  • Non-UK passport holder should give residential address in respective country. The processing time is longer for such cases.
  • Minor foreigners born out of live-in relationships, Step & adopted children are not eligible for OCI. However an adopted child who has had an Indian passport in the past and can produce a surrender certificate for the same, is eligible to apply for an OCI, all other documents advised above for minors will be required in addition to the Surrender Certificate and the Indian passport. All cases will be put under review and a final decision will be made by the competent authorities. For any unsuccessful applications the refund policy will apply.
  • In case of minor children, both the parents need to be signed in part ‘B’ or parent’s consent letter is mandatory (if divorced) or court order having custody of children.
  • Applicant whose birth certificate mentions about only one parent and nationality and other parent is not known, is not eligible for OCI Card.
  • Asylees or Stateless applicants are not eligible for OCI.
  • Foreign Defence/Military/Civil Servants/Police/ex-Defence personnel/ persons working with security agencies and their family members are not eligible to apply for OCI. The above implies that the personnel of Home Office as well as of MoD. In addition, foreign diplomats are also not eligible.
  • For applicants applying on the basis of spouse, now deceased, are required to furnish the death certificate, marriage certificate and self-declaration to confirm the same or if re-married again. If re-married, then provide the new marriage certificate along with the above.
  • If one of the parent/grandparent is of Pakistani or Bangladeshi origin, applicant will not be eligible for OCI.
  • If the OCI card holder acquires nationality of a different country after obtaining the OCI card, except that of Pakistan and Bangladesh, he/she shall also be allowed to enter/exit India on the strength of his/her new passport of the recently acquired nationality and OCI Registration Certificate (OCI card).
  • Entry on the Diplomatic/Official passport shall not be granted on the basis of OCI/PIO cards as OCI/PIO cards are not issued to the foreign diplomats and their family members. However, if he/she holds valid ordinary passport with valid OCI/PIO cards, entry can be allowed.
  • Applicants applying on the basis of spouse need to submit registered marriage certificate Marriage should have been registered and subsisted for a continuous period of not less than 2 years immediately preceding the presentation of the application.

In the event of change of passport of PIO card holder, he/she can travel to India on the basis of new passport with the valid PIO card and the old passport on which PIO card number is endorsed, till the validity of the PIO scheme